My week

I’m sorry I can’t post a photo this post. But I will try to give it to you by Sunday. Let’s see my week is been pretty good it started off with going to look for a camper with my parents. Then on tuesday the wicked storms came. And then and Wednesday night cousin finally was able to make it down from Marshall to finally see me after two years. We played  video games and watch movies I really enjoyed his company. It was really sad when he left on Thursday morning. Now today which is Friday my girlfriend Kristi is coming down for the weekend. I could not be more excited to see her. She lives in Webster South Dakota which is about four hours from where I live. So she doesn’t come down that often as I would like her to. When she comes down I try and show her that I appreciate her coming down by taking out to a nice dinner. She is also coming down because she has a doctors appointment in Marshall. So then she just comes and stays at my house for the weekend so I get to see her over the summer. So I hope you all enjoyed this post good luck and God bless.



My cousin

My cousin this is a picture of my cousin. The reason why I’m blogging about him today. Is because I cannot wait to see him on Monday. He is coming down to hang out with me for the day and to spend some time with me because he’s been in Minnesota for four months and has not seen very many family members. My cousin’s name awkwardly is Chris also. Except his last name is Baune and mine is Dehncke. So growing up if he was home for the holidays. And they said Chris we would both pick up our heads. So the family had to learn how to call us by our last names. So we could understand who they were talking about. Another thing you guys should know is that we are extremely close. The times where we sneak out of the house just to go to the local gas station and to go for a walk. Another thing is when I’m sick and he is home he is the only one that will take care of me because he just knows what to do. I love him for this crazy antics and for his big heart. Blood is definitely thicker than water in this instance. So I am so excited to finally see him after so long because before that it had been three years. Well that’s all folks. Good night and God bless.


My favorite show

duck dynasty is my favorite show on television right now. I really like the show because it has this funny antics that I enjoy myself I also really enjoy a uncle si. The season premier was yesterday. There are five guys with beards that make duck calls. Willie this CEO of duck commander where they make all the calls received an award from the governor of Louisiana. I also like the show because they incorporate family values into the show will make it fun for everybody. I every season of the show today and I’m a big fan of the show. When I’m not watching duck dynasty and I also watch hells kitchen with Gordon Ramsay. I really enjoy her house because they enjoy food and everything that goes involved with making it. When you first Come in contact with me I always have something to eat or something of some sort. I just really love food. Other shows that I watch game a week consist of a show called wicked tuna. Where fishermen catch big tuna fish and then they take it to the buyer to sell it. But the catch is they can only catch fish at a certain time of the year. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you get a little insight on what I watch on TV throughout the week.


My favorite sports team

My favorite sports team this is my favorite sports team. Adrian Peterson or more commonly known as all day Adrian Peterson. He is the best running back in the NFL. I also think that the Minnesota Vikings a good season because we have a quarterback by the name of Teddy Bridgewater. I hope that he will have a good season. We need a good quarterback to go with a great running back like Adrian Peterson. Without a good quarterback we cannot go playoffs or even have a Super Bowl chance. The Minnesota Vikings are the laughingstock to the NFL. The Minnesota Vikings have never won the Super Bowl. I just hope they make it to the Super Bowl before I die. The Vikings haven’t had a great season for as long as I can remember. I think the last good season that they had I was a senior in high school. They also had the legendary Brett Favre. When we had Brett Favre we went to the conference championship. The Vikings faced the New Orleans saints. Little did the Vikings know the New Orleans saints were trying to hurt Brett Favre. There was later determined that the New Orleans Saints put a bounty on Brett Favre which means they give their players extra money for whoever injured Brett Favre. A couple of the New Orleans players got suspended for a year and had to pay a big fine for their role in this bounty scandal. I am so glad that this scandal is over because now we can just move forward the Vikings can finally win a Super Bowl this season.


Where would like to go on vacation and how my week is been going

this picture reminds me of Florida. My sister is moving to Florida on the 25th. This picture also makes me want to take a vacation down there to see their house and where they’re living. The only part I don’t like about living in Florida would be on the horrible storms you would have to endure, another thing I wouldn’t like about Florida would be all the hot weather. Plus it would be nice to see the snow once in a while and being down there You don’t see winter very often. Other places I would like to go on vacation would be Colorado because I’ve been there once before and I love it down there. The only thing I don’t like about being down there is the elevation I tend to get headaches. I also have a uncle down there and he spoils me rotten.
I haven’t had a very good week otherwise I know it’s only Tuesday but I wish it was Friday. Because this week has been the week from hell. I started off on Sunday to getting sick to where my feet would spasm. I don’t know if any of you know this but I have cerebral palsy. So like everybody else I have my good and bad days and so far this week it’s been bad because of my feet like I said and then now today my back I’ve had a muscle spasm all day and my back doesn’t seem to want to go away. I like doing this project because it allows me to express what I’m feeling on that particular day. Good night and God bless



this is a photo of me and Esmeralda. She has helped me become such a independent individual words cannot express. I know some of you wanted to see a picture of her. Esmeralda is a Golden Labrador retriever. I received are from can-do canines out of new hope Minnesota. I got her July of 2012. I can remember when they first brought her out to me I started bawling because I knew my independence was going to go through the roof. I encourage anybody that is following this blog to type in can-do canines into Google or type my name Chris Dehncke and you can read my story of how I went home every weekend. Some of my pet pevs when it comes to service dog’s are with their client their working. Don’t ask the client if the dog can be pet because they can’t that Dodge are specifically trained for a specific purpose and they should not be bothered. I can take you how many times I’ve had to yell at people in Walmart because they cannot read the sign on her jacket that says that she is working at dries me completely bonkers. Especially if they have a little child with them and they point out that dog. Then I have to explain that the dog cannot be pet. I know it seems a little mean but service dogs cannot be pet when they are working regardless of the situation. It seems a little crazy that I have to explain this on the blog but I feel like this is the only way to really spread awareness about service dogs and what they can do for their partner.


No pain no gain…

No pain no gain

This quote was given to me by my physical therapist his name is Bill Warner he was the only one I could get me to do my exercises. Some other of his favorite quotes that I live by today where you’re not going to get anywhere in life unless you tell people what you want. To me these quotes really stuck with me through all my life because I have had to fight for what I wanted every day. I have gotten handicapped accessible doors put in the post office in my hometown do to me being in a wheelchair. No pain no gain comes from when Bill used to stretch me in physical therapy. Because it hurts so bad at least in my mind he always told me Nokay no game you I said with a little pain can’t get anything from your experiences and I found this to be true in life because even though I’ve been through a lot of pain due to having 13 surgeries throughout my whole life and more still pending. I have gained a wonderful service dog I have gained a sense of fearlessness that no matter what situation I’m going in to I’m always going to come home okay. For these reasons besides having amazing family these old quotes are encoded in my brain will stick with me throughout the rest of my days on this earth and I hope to give you more insight on what other quotes have stuck with me throughout my life. And until I blog again tomorrow good night everybody.


I love my Minnesota sports overall I think they have a pretty good season. I watch the twins today even though they still lost I am still a diehard fan. I didn’t do much today because I wasn’t feeling good I am a type one diabetic. I tested my blood glucose level and it was 286. That is extremely high for a diabetic. I have one that constantly pumps in to my body because my pancreas is not functioning correctly. I am so glad to have my service dog Esmeralda for times like today. She no I wasn’t feeling very good so she alerted me to check my blood sugar. She is not trained for this aspect of my life. She’ll lick my hands constantly to let me know to check my blood sugar. She is also saved my life. I was stuck in the snow day and she has the ability to pull me out when I am stuck so that I don’t have to wait for Public Safety. She is also able to go get help when necessary. One day I fell out of bed and because I can’t want assistance in getting back in the bed so she woke my parents up” been downstairs so that they could help me get back in the bed. Without her I don’t know where I would be today without her. Because of those Myrover my grades have improved drastically and I used to go home every weekend because I had nobody there to keep me busy. Since Esmeralda my self-confidence and my drive has improved.

Don’t know what to put down

Hi everybody, This will be my first blog it could be anything from  how I’m feeling today to what I’m up to it could also range from sports to  video games since that’s what I like to do but I hope you guys stay tuned and I’ll keep you up to date with all my daily life is going. I will also be posting  pictures of my service dog Esmeralda  since she is my helper with the day-to-day tasks I maybe having a good or bad day. If you have questions or comments are just need to get something off your chest feel free to blog with about movies or anything I look forward to starting this blog and it should be a interesting and fun summer. Here are some things I like to do I like to watch TV or play video games, spend time with my family. I pretty much enjoy anything anybody else would enjoy the only difference IS I have to do things a little bit different because I am in a wheelchair. So I hope you guys enjoy learning about my family and friends and anything else I can think of throughout my day. This should be an exciting adventure and I can’t wait to start this ride with all of you.So sit back and buckle up and enjoy the ride.