The purpose of this blog post is to illustrate my position that Dragon NaturallySpeaking has gotten better over the years since I started using it I started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking when I was in 10th grade. Dragon NaturallySpeaking was very hard high school but they wanted so I can use it when I went to college. At first getting it set up was difficult. I started with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. It did not work for me at all. But my high school said to keep working want to and eventually it will get better. Over the next summer I worked  very diligently trying to get it to recognize my voice. The first thing that I noticed with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 it is much more accurate than version 10 according to my research “dragon 12 is 35% more accurate than version 10”.(Hardawar). Which is huge for me. Another reason why Dragon 12 is so much better than Dragon 10 is because when I would use a wireless headset it would get confused and Not understand I was talking about so very special headset where it had two wires to plug into the computer. The first wire would get plugged into the headset port and the second one would get plugged in to the microphone port. Now with Dragon 12 you could have a USB headset. For me this is a big improvement because you don’t have to have that many wires to get tangled up in. Another thing that was huge for me that Dragon naturally speaking 12 does that 10 did not dragon 12 now learns formatting which is another feature that I like. When I was in high school teachers always wanted formatted a certain way and when I had Dragon 10 it took way longer than it should. I used to always have to have somebody there to correct papers and it just became a pain but now with the new version this is solved. As you work on papers dragon recognizes how you format things. For example when I say Professor dragon 12 will say prof instead which can be a pain. Over time as you work with that and Dragon will adapt to how you want things done. Which is nice because then I don’t have to have somebody there all the time connecting my papers. Another thing that I like about Dragon 12 is when you can say highlight that and it’ll do it for you. This useful when researching information for a paper. With Dragon 10 I’d have to print out the articles and highlight the information myself. For me this is huge because now I can do it on the computer screen save the article come back to it and it’s highlighted. When I was in high school it was such a pain to do this. Now with version 12 I don’t have to. Now I hope that I’ve convinced that Dragon has gotten better over the years I hope you found this enjoyable as much as I have. The reason why I’m telling you  this is so that you can make an informed decision for yourself