I tried posting a picture from the movie Tammy but it did not work. This movie was hilarious comedy written by Melissa McCarthy. Going into this movie I knew it was going to be funny but it exceeded my expectations. I could not stop laughing the movie starts up by Melissa McCarthy getting into a car accident by hitting a deer. She then gives the deer mouth to mouth but the deer then get up and runs away she then going into work late because she is in the accident. Her boss then fires her because she is late. After getting home she finds her husband in having dinner with the neighbor. She ultimately tries to go to where her grandmother wants to go to. Her grandmother is played by Susan Sarandon. And they get into some trouble along the way. This is a movie I would definitely recommend going to see because it is funny and if you like comedies you will like this one. Overall I really like this class and I will definitely recommend it. I have learned that blogging takes away some of the stress. I will definitely keep up with the blog. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.