I am so sick of the rain. The nats drive me crazy I really hope that the weather gets better here soon because I can’t take this much longer. I need to get somewhere where bugs seise to exist. I cannot wait for the twins to play tonight because they won last night. They won three in a row they need to win tonight is the winning streak alive. I am so ready for school it is not even funny I like being able to go wherever I want to and nobody steps me or I cant get the door open. My girlfriend got a service dog too named Huxley. They seem to be bonding well. I know Esmeralda will be fine with Huxley. I have two dogs at my parents house. She is fine with other dogs just as long as they’re not little dogs. Because then Esmeralda thinks she can play with them a little too rough. I’m excited to have another dog for Esmeralda to play with. I am very excited too because I Esmeralda’s new brush so I should be able to brush her which is good physical therapy for me. As always have a good day and God bless