this weather has been crazy this summer I have really enjoyed this summer but I’m getting sick of the hot I’m just spending the day doing homework trying to stay cool. But onto another subject the Twins play the Yankees today Ricky Nolasco started for the twins but was only able to go 2 innings so than the twins were down 6 to nothing after 2 innings during the 4th inning that twins scored 4 runs in the inning to make the score 9 to 4. Then in the 7th inning that twins scored 2 more to eventually falling short of the win today. It has been a depressing but fun season out the same time I really enjoy baseball and I really enjoy this class that I’m taking and I hope you guys enjoyed the blog so far I tried to change it up every now and then so it’s not the same thing everyday but it is very hard to think of what to put down I have had a good weekend I ended up shooting more fireworks off yesterday at my cousin’s farm 13 miles outside of Marshall yesterday and today have been good days for me I just wish we didn’t have our hot weather.