I love storms

I am like the kid out there when the storms actually happening I absolutely love storms. I like watching when there are still taking place instead of some people in my family work deathly afraid of them. Other then thunderstorms I have been a lot of NHL 14 time with my cousin. We both like close games when we play because it makes it more realistic. It was a really good weekend also because my parents went out of town to see my aunt in Iowa. I just decided to stay home. Something else on my mind yesterday was why is the nats so bad outside I take Esmeralda to the bathroom or on a walk and we just get mulled. It’s too bad because I love being outside. But it’s kind of nice for the town to be full for a change. I’m having a good summer I hope everybody had a great fourth of July holiday and a good summer. On a little side note school starts up soon which is good because I like being in a routine and it’s also good for Esmeralda. Being home is nice but it’s going to feel great to get back to school