My day started off great. Teaching Esmeralda how to go on the mat was especially fun. I bet all of you are wondering what A mat is. A mat is where a service dog is supposed to go when their client is eating. Teaching this to Esmeralda was quite difficult considering she haven’t done it for two years because I kind of forgot about it. But after a few tries she picked it right up again like she hasn’t lost it. And that can be a regular towel to us but to them it’s where there supposed to go so they’re not bothering us as the client when you’re eating. Other than that my day was pretty good I woke up had some spaghetti and tried to go outside but it was too hot and humid to even take Esmeralda on the walk. She needs to go on a walk soon because she starting to look overweight. When school starts she will be just fine. I always run into this problem every summer that I am home with her because my house doesn’t have handicap accessible doors put in so I need help getting outside with her. That is one of the reasons why I love Southwest Minnesota State University because I don’t need help getting outside. As always good night and God bless.