series sweepI don’t know why this post is placed under Monday. The Minnesota Twins swept the Chicago White Sox. The twins starter Phil Hughes went 5 innings. The twins are currently in 4th place. But there only 4 games out of first-place. I also had a difficult day today because my girlfriend left for home. But I’m glad that she was able to come down because now I won’t get to see her probably until my birthday. I also am glad because I got to stay on hotel for the weekend. I am glad to be home but I’m sure going to miss her. Now I am just watching duck dynasty and enjoying the rest of my weekend. I’m so happy that my parents finally got a camper because now we can actually go camping.were supposed to go to my aunt Sue place in Iowa on the Fourth of for next week’s plans I don’t know what I’m going to do because I’m starting to get bored because there’s nothing for me to do here.I just hope my summer gets better because right now it seems endless and I just want to go back to school. There is more for me to do there.have a good day and God bless