I’m sorry I can’t post a photo this post. But I will try to give it to you by Sunday. Let’s see my week is been pretty good it started off with going to look for a camper with my parents. Then on tuesday the wicked storms came. And then and Wednesday night cousin finally was able to make it down from Marshall to finally see me after two years. We played  video games and watch movies I really enjoyed his company. It was really sad when he left on Thursday morning. Now today which is Friday my girlfriend Kristi is coming down for the weekend. I could not be more excited to see her. She lives in Webster South Dakota which is about four hours from where I live. So she doesn’t come down that often as I would like her to. When she comes down I try and show her that I appreciate her coming down by taking out to a nice dinner. She is also coming down because she has a doctors appointment in Marshall. So then she just comes and stays at my house for the weekend so I get to see her over the summer. So I hope you all enjoyed this post good luck and God bless.