My cousin this is a picture of my cousin. The reason why I’m blogging about him today. Is because I cannot wait to see him on Monday. He is coming down to hang out with me for the day and to spend some time with me because he’s been in Minnesota for four months and has not seen very many family members. My cousin’s name awkwardly is Chris also. Except his last name is Baune and mine is Dehncke. So growing up if he was home for the holidays. And they said Chris we would both pick up our heads. So the family had to learn how to call us by our last names. So we could understand who they were talking about. Another thing you guys should know is that we are extremely close. The times where we sneak out of the house just to go to the local gas station and to go for a walk. Another thing is when I’m sick and he is home he is the only one that will take care of me because he just knows what to do. I love him for this crazy antics and for his big heart. Blood is definitely thicker than water in this instance. So I am so excited to finally see him after so long because before that it had been three years. Well that’s all folks. Good night and God bless.