My favorite sports team this is my favorite sports team. Adrian Peterson or more commonly known as all day Adrian Peterson. He is the best running back in the NFL. I also think that the Minnesota Vikings a good season because we have a quarterback by the name of Teddy Bridgewater. I hope that he will have a good season. We need a good quarterback to go with a great running back like Adrian Peterson. Without a good quarterback we cannot go playoffs or even have a Super Bowl chance. The Minnesota Vikings are the laughingstock to the NFL. The Minnesota Vikings have never won the Super Bowl. I just hope they make it to the Super Bowl before I die. The Vikings haven’t had a great season for as long as I can remember. I think the last good season that they had I was a senior in high school. They also had the legendary Brett Favre. When we had Brett Favre we went to the conference championship. The Vikings faced the New Orleans saints. Little did the Vikings know the New Orleans saints were trying to hurt Brett Favre. There was later determined that the New Orleans Saints put a bounty on Brett Favre which means they give their players extra money for whoever injured Brett Favre. A couple of the New Orleans players got suspended for a year and had to pay a big fine for their role in this bounty scandal. I am so glad that this scandal is over because now we can just move forward the Vikings can finally win a Super Bowl this season.