No pain no gain

This quote was given to me by my physical therapist his name is Bill Warner he was the only one I could get me to do my exercises. Some other of his favorite quotes that I live by today where you’re not going to get anywhere in life unless you tell people what you want. To me these quotes really stuck with me through all my life because I have had to fight for what I wanted every day. I have gotten handicapped accessible doors put in the post office in my hometown do to me being in a wheelchair. No pain no gain comes from when Bill used to stretch me in physical therapy. Because it hurts so bad at least in my mind he always told me Nokay no game you I said with a little pain can’t get anything from your experiences and I found this to be true in life because even though I’ve been through a lot of pain due to having 13 surgeries throughout my whole life and more still pending. I have gained a wonderful service dog I have gained a sense of fearlessness that no matter what situation I’m going in to I’m always going to come home okay. For these reasons besides having amazing family these old quotes are encoded in my brain will stick with me throughout the rest of my days on this earth and I hope to give you more insight on what other quotes have stuck with me throughout my life. And until I blog again tomorrow good night everybody.