this is a photo of me and Esmeralda. She has helped me become such a independent individual words cannot express. I know some of you wanted to see a picture of her. Esmeralda is a Golden Labrador retriever. I received are from can-do canines out of new hope Minnesota. I got her July of 2012. I can remember when they first brought her out to me I started bawling because I knew my independence was going to go through the roof. I encourage anybody that is following this blog to type in can-do canines into Google or type my name Chris Dehncke and you can read my story of how I went home every weekend. Some of my pet pevs when it comes to service dog’s are with their client their working. Don’t ask the client if the dog can be pet because they can’t that Dodge are specifically trained for a specific purpose and they should not be bothered. I can take you how many times I’ve had to yell at people in Walmart because they cannot read the sign on her jacket that says that she is working at dries me completely bonkers. Especially if they have a little child with them and they point out that dog. Then I have to explain that the dog cannot be pet. I know it seems a little mean but service dogs cannot be pet when they are working regardless of the situation. It seems a little crazy that I have to explain this on the blog but I feel like this is the only way to really spread awareness about service dogs and what they can do for their partner.