I love my Minnesota sports overall I think they have a pretty good season. I watch the twins today even though they still lost I am still a diehard fan. I didn’t do much today because I wasn’t feeling good I am a type one diabetic. I tested my blood glucose level and it was 286. That is extremely high for a diabetic. I have one that constantly pumps in to my body because my pancreas is not functioning correctly. I am so glad to have my service dog Esmeralda for times like today. She no I wasn’t feeling very good so she alerted me to check my blood sugar. She is not trained for this aspect of my life. She’ll lick my hands constantly to let me know to check my blood sugar. She is also saved my life. I was stuck in the snow day and she has the ability to pull me out when I am stuck so that I don’t have to wait for Public Safety. She is also able to go get help when necessary. One day I fell out of bed and because I can’t want assistance in getting back in the bed so she woke my parents up” been downstairs so that they could help me get back in the bed. Without her I don’t know where I would be today without her. Because of those Myrover my grades have improved drastically and I used to go home every weekend because I had nobody there to keep me busy. Since Esmeralda my self-confidence and my drive has improved.