Hi everybody, This will be my first blog it could be anything from  how I’m feeling today to what I’m up to it could also range from sports to  video games since that’s what I like to do but I hope you guys stay tuned and I’ll keep you up to date with all my daily life is going. I will also be posting  pictures of my service dog Esmeralda  since she is my helper with the day-to-day tasks I maybe having a good or bad day. If you have questions or comments are just need to get something off your chest feel free to blog with about movies or anything I look forward to starting this blog and it should be a interesting and fun summer. Here are some things I like to do I like to watch TV or play video games, spend time with my family. I pretty much enjoy anything anybody else would enjoy the only difference IS I have to do things a little bit different because I am in a wheelchair. So I hope you guys enjoy learning about my family and friends and anything else I can think of throughout my day. This should be an exciting adventure and I can’t wait to start this ride with all of you.So sit back and buckle up and enjoy the ride.