dragon naturally speaking has gotten better over the years

The purpose of this blog post is to illustrate my position that Dragon NaturallySpeaking has gotten better over the years since I started using it I started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking when I was in 10th grade. Dragon NaturallySpeaking was very hard high school but they wanted so I can use it when I went to college. At first getting it set up was difficult. I started with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. It did not work for me at all. But my high school said to keep working want to and eventually it will get better. Over the next summer I worked  very diligently trying to get it to recognize my voice. The first thing that I noticed with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 it is much more accurate than version 10 according to my research “dragon 12 is 35% more accurate than version 10”.(Hardawar). Which is huge for me. Another reason why Dragon 12 is so much better than Dragon 10 is because when I would use a wireless headset it would get confused and Not understand I was talking about so very special headset where it had two wires to plug into the computer. The first wire would get plugged into the headset port and the second one would get plugged in to the microphone port. Now with Dragon 12 you could have a USB headset. For me this is a big improvement because you don’t have to have that many wires to get tangled up in. Another thing that was huge for me that Dragon naturally speaking 12 does that 10 did not dragon 12 now learns formatting which is another feature that I like. When I was in high school teachers always wanted formatted a certain way and when I had Dragon 10 it took way longer than it should. I used to always have to have somebody there to correct papers and it just became a pain but now with the new version this is solved. As you work on papers dragon recognizes how you format things. For example when I say Professor dragon 12 will say prof instead which can be a pain. Over time as you work with that and Dragon will adapt to how you want things done. Which is nice because then I don’t have to have somebody there all the time connecting my papers. Another thing that I like about Dragon 12 is when you can say highlight that and it’ll do it for you. This useful when researching information for a paper. With Dragon 10 I’d have to print out the articles and highlight the information myself. For me this is huge because now I can do it on the computer screen save the article come back to it and it’s highlighted. When I was in high school it was such a pain to do this. Now with version 12 I don’t have to. Now I hope that I’ve convinced that Dragon has gotten better over the years I hope you found this enjoyable as much as I have. The reason why I’m telling you  this is so that you can make an informed decision for yourself



I tried posting a picture from the movie Tammy but it did not work. This movie was hilarious comedy written by Melissa McCarthy. Going into this movie I knew it was going to be funny but it exceeded my expectations. I could not stop laughing the movie starts up by Melissa McCarthy getting into a car accident by hitting a deer. She then gives the deer mouth to mouth but the deer then get up and runs away she then going into work late because she is in the accident. Her boss then fires her because she is late. After getting home she finds her husband in having dinner with the neighbor. She ultimately tries to go to where her grandmother wants to go to. Her grandmother is played by Susan Sarandon. And they get into some trouble along the way. This is a movie I would definitely recommend going to see because it is funny and if you like comedies you will like this one. Overall I really like this class and I will definitely recommend it. I have learned that blogging takes away some of the stress. I will definitely keep up with the blog. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.


what is money these days. I really wish I could save money so that if something were to happen I have some money to Fall back on. When I was little I used to save money all the time. Now that I’m an adult I can’t seem to save any money. As soon as I get money at least my hand as soon as I can get it. If any of you are wondering why I am making about this it’s because I need to save money because I have something I need to save money for. On another side note I have had a pretty good week. Tomorrow my mom and I are going to see the movie Tammy starring Melissa McCarthy. She also plays on other movies such as the heat. I can’t wait to go to the movie with my mom because I don’t remember the last time we went to see a movie in the movie theater. We are going to the movie theater in wilmar Minnesota so it should be a great time. After that we are going out to eat. I am so excited cannot express. I will do my last and final blog from the semester on that movie and tell you guys how it is. As always good night and god bless

day today

I feel like utter crap today. I have been taking a lot of pain reliever. My feet and legs hurt like hell today.I just hope that this pain goes away by tomorrow.other than that I took Esmeralda for a walk today. I took advantage of the nice day.I might have to go to the doctor again to see if I can get something else from my back. I hope you will never know you have to go what I’m going because it sucks.my feet swell up and have hurt all day.I am just miserable.thank God for Esmeralda.

Rain rain go away come again another day

I am so sick of the rain. The nats drive me crazy I really hope that the weather gets better here soon because I can’t take this much longer. I need to get somewhere where bugs seise to exist. I cannot wait for the twins to play tonight because they won last night. They won three in a row they need to win tonight is the winning streak alive. I am so ready for school it is not even funny I like being able to go wherever I want to and nobody steps me or I cant get the door open. My girlfriend got a service dog too named Huxley. They seem to be bonding well. I know Esmeralda will be fine with Huxley. I have two dogs at my parents house. She is fine with other dogs just as long as they’re not little dogs. Because then Esmeralda thinks she can play with them a little too rough. I’m excited to have another dog for Esmeralda to play with. I am very excited too because I Esmeralda’s new brush so I should be able to brush her which is good physical therapy for me. As always have a good day and God bless

the weather

this weather has been crazy this summer I have really enjoyed this summer but I’m getting sick of the hot weather.so I’m just spending the day doing homework trying to stay cool. But onto another subject the Twins play the Yankees today Ricky Nolasco started for the twins but was only able to go 2 innings so than the twins were down 6 to nothing after 2 innings during the 4th inning that twins scored 4 runs in the inning to make the score 9 to 4. Then in the 7th inning that twins scored 2 more to eventually falling short of the win today. It has been a depressing but fun season out the same time I really enjoy baseball and I really enjoy this class that I’m taking and I hope you guys enjoyed the blog so far I tried to change it up every now and then so it’s not the same thing everyday but it is very hard to think of what to put down I have had a good weekend I ended up shooting more fireworks off yesterday at my cousin’s farm 13 miles outside of Marshall yesterday and today have been good days for me I just wish we didn’t have our hot weather.


I love storms

I am like the kid out there when the storms actually happening I absolutely love storms. I like watching when there are still taking place instead of some people in my family work deathly afraid of them. Other then thunderstorms I have been a lot of NHL 14 time with my cousin. We both like close games when we play because it makes it more realistic. It was a really good weekend also because my parents went out of town to see my aunt in Iowa. I just decided to stay home. Something else on my mind yesterday was why is the nats so bad outside I take Esmeralda to the bathroom or on a walk and we just get mulled. It’s too bad because I love being outside. But it’s kind of nice for the town to be full for a change. I’m having a good summer I hope everybody had a great fourth of July holiday and a good summer. On a little side note school starts up soon which is good because I like being in a routine and it’s also good for Esmeralda. Being home is nice but it’s going to feel great to get back to school

My day today

My day started off great. Teaching Esmeralda how to go on the mat was especially fun. I bet all of you are wondering what A mat is. A mat is where a service dog is supposed to go when their client is eating. Teaching this to Esmeralda was quite difficult considering she haven’t done it for two years because I kind of forgot about it. But after a few tries she picked it right up again like she hasn’t lost it. And that can be a regular towel to us but to them it’s where there supposed to go so they’re not bothering us as the client when you’re eating. Other than that my day was pretty good I woke up had some spaghetti and tried to go outside but it was too hot and humid to even take Esmeralda on the walk. She needs to go on a walk soon because she starting to look overweight. When school starts she will be just fine. I always run into this problem every summer that I am home with her because my house doesn’t have handicap accessible doors put in so I need help getting outside with her. That is one of the reasons why I love Southwest Minnesota State University because I don’t need help getting outside. As always good night and God bless.

The Minnesota Twins

I really have to apologize to you all because I have been struggling last couple weeks. School is right around the corner which is something I’m looking forward to because I need to get back into a Routine. I am also looking forward to going to school again because this is my last year at school. I am expected to graduate in May 2015. The Minnesota twins are taking on the Texas Rangers. Also the NBA draft was last night and I think the Minnesota Timberwolves did okay in the draft. There’s a big that the Minnesota Timberwolves will get LeBron James which sounds like a dream but I hope it actually comes true. Because a Kevin love LeBron James dual sounds too good to be true. Minnesota Timberwolves also picked up Glenn Robinson the third. They also have a couple Spanish league players in the draft so All in all they did pretty good. Other than that my week is going pretty good I’m just sick of all the rain. I’m looking forward to a stretch of days where I can just go outside and not have to worry about the Rain in the forecast. So I’m sorry to keep it short and sweet this time but remember all stay tuned because it’s only going to get better good night and God bless.


series sweep

series sweepI don’t know why this post is placed under Monday. The Minnesota Twins swept the Chicago White Sox. The twins starter Phil Hughes went 5 innings. The twins are currently in 4th place. But there only 4 games out of first-place. I also had a difficult day today because my girlfriend left for home. But I’m glad that she was able to come down because now I won’t get to see her probably until my birthday. I also am glad because I got to stay on hotel for the weekend. I am glad to be home but I’m sure going to miss her. Now I am just watching duck dynasty and enjoying the rest of my weekend. I’m so happy that my parents finally got a camper because now we can actually go camping.were supposed to go to my aunt Sue place in Iowa on the Fourth of July.as for next week’s plans I don’t know what I’m going to do because I’m starting to get bored because there’s nothing for me to do here.I just hope my summer gets better because right now it seems endless and I just want to go back to school. There is more for me to do there.have a good day and God bless